Miriam Bertke

Miriam Bertke

Office: (818) 728-5961
Fax: (818) 728-5965

Miriam Bertke joined The Advisor Consulting Group (“ACG”) in 2012 after being introduced to the Founder and President, Simon Singer, CFP®, CAP®, RFC®

For many years, Miriam's passion has been helping people prepare for life's expected and unexpected finanical events. She helps them to achieve their goals, regardless of their current level of success, in the areas the matter most: their personal and business finances, and taking care of their families, careers, and health.

She has a special passion for working with small business owners, CPAs, and physicians. Miriam helps her clients determine their financial goals and then, with her input, design a portfolio program that aligns appropriately with the client's needs.

She is very proud of her support of different charity organizations, like the Brent Shapiro Foundation, and donating clothing to those who need it most through different support groups.